Getting hitched and want your photos to radiate ‘you’ in every pixel? We get it! Your wedding photographer needs to be more than just skilled; they must be your vibe-capturing superhero. 🦸‍♀️📸

Here are 10 not-so-run-of-the-mill tips for choosing a wedding photographer who resonates with your unique, fabulous style.

tolu and graham

tolu and graham

1. Dive Deep into Their Portfolio Wonderland

Check out their portfolio with a fine-toothed comb. Look for shots that mirror the style and energy you want for your wedding album. Our FULL portfolio lives right here!

jacqueline and joel dancing at reception

jacqueline and joel dancing at reception

2. Get Candid on the Candid Shots

If you dig candid moments over stiff poses, ensure your photographer has a knack for capturing the unexpected, raw, and oh-so-genuine shots.

annie and ethens wedding annie getting ready

annie and ethens wedding annie getting ready

3. Pop the Question about Equipment

Don’t be shy—ask about the gear. A photographer with top-notch equipment is your ticket to vibrant, high-resolution memories.

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5. Lay it All Out

If you’ve come across negative reviews, don’t hesitate to discuss them with the photographer. A candid conversation can clear the air and address any concerns.

yesenia and david surprise shark

5. Share Your Vision Openly

Communication is key! Don’t hold back your vision, your theme, or those quirky ideas. A great photographer will get your vibe and run with it.

annie and ethen kiss and swoop

annie and ethen kiss and swoop

6. Chase the Sunlight (or Moonlight) with Them

If natural lighting is your jam, make sure your photographer is a wizard at harnessing the sun’s golden hour or the moon’s glow.

wedding couple weddings unlimited

7. Unveil the Editing Magic

Ask about their editing style. Are they into dreamy pastels, high-contrast drama, or the au naturel look? Find a match that makes your heart sing. We have a photo style worksheet that you can fill out to better understand what style you are looking for, and help us pair you with the perfect photographer.

indian wedding houston henna tattoo bride photography weddings unlimited

8. Reality Check: Ask to See Full Albums

Don’t settle for a highlight reel. Request full wedding albums to see their consistency and storytelling skills from start to finish. Our FULL albums live right here!

brook and brandon bridal portrait

9. Engage in a Trial Run with an Engagement Session

If possible, opt for an engagement shoot. It’s like a test drive before the big day—helps you vibe with the photographer and get comfy in front of the lens.


10. Talk Numbers, Money, and the Nitty-Gritty

Lay it all out. Discuss pricing, packages, and additional costs, and ensure no hidden surprises. Let’s keep it crystal clear and budget-friendly.

Remember, your wedding photographer is not just a photographer. They’re an artist who will craft your memories. So, pick someone whose vibe aligns with yours and let the photography adventure begin!

Here’s to finding the perfect camera wizard to capture your unique love story in every frame!