THIS AGREEMENT (hereafter “Agreement) is made and entered into by {{business_name}} and {{client_name}} of {{company_name}} (hereafter “Client”) on {{current_date}} for {{service_name}} for the {{event_date}}.

Initial Payment, Fees and Cancellation Charges

An initial retainer payment is required to secure your booking This can be paid automatically through our online booking system, phone communication, email communication or in person. The retainer you pay to secure your event is non-refundable and reflects the work we put into events prior to attending, and the bookings we will have missed by securing your date for you. The initial retainer due is 25% of the total booking, if Weddings Unlimited offers a discounted retainer than the balance of the 25% retainer will be due at no later than 45 days after booking has taken place.

All cancellations must be made by email to Once your event has been canceled, your event date will immediately be available for other people to book. *Please note all refunds of monies paid will incur a fee to cover the transaction costs set in place by our 3rd party payment providers. We offer No fee or charges to reschedule your date at any time for any reason. We also allow you to transfer your booking to another party at any time and for any reason, your payments are applied to their balance. If you decide to cancel the event as a whole and do not opt to reschedule or transfer the following refund schedule applies

30 days before the event or prior: the retainer is nonrefundable and 50% of other monies paid will be refunded.

29 days before the event or less: no money is refundable at this time, please see above to reschedule or transfer.


{{business_name}} may provide discounted and / or bundled services. The cost of which may be modified by a “promotional discount” or “discount” line item in your client portal. The line item prices listed may be the undiscounted amount and are not always reflective of the price charged for the line item, if line items are removed or modified the price will be adjusted as per the discounted value as determined by {{business_name}} unless specified in writing from a representative.

Full Payment

Full payment is required at least 30 days before your event. An invoice will be generated and e-mailed to you, or you can post a cheque for the final amount.

Venue, Access and Location

It is your responsibility to ensure you have provided the venue’s contact information, address, name, and postcode for our staff to find you. We also require that the venue allows reasonable access for loading, and suitable parking once the equipment has been unloaded. If parking for loading is restricted you will be liable for any fines that occur as a result and or time used seeking a suitable location. We cannot be held responsible for any errors or delays resulting from incorrect or missing address details.

If photography and/or videography services are purchased, {{business_name}} agrees to provide services at up to 2 continuous shooting locations within a 25 mile radius of each other. {{business_name}} does reserve the right to charge a travel fee for second shooting locations based on distance and travel time. Additional shooting locations can be added for an additional cost.

The photobooths have the following dimensions, 110cm W x 200cm L x 205 cm H, when installed. An extra 30 cm is required in height during construction and an area of 200cm x 400cm.

DJ setup includes sound setup at ceremony and reception sites at the same geographical address with a setup / teardown period in between. Additional speakers can be purchased to add sound sites (such as cocktail hour) and to reduce or remove setup / teardown downtime. Power must be provided for sound setup or Weddings Unlimited is able to provide self powered units at an additional charge.

Photo Booths, DJ equipment and large equipment are not able to be lifted above floor level, they are not able to be brought upstairs unless a elevator of correct sizing is provided. If effects are used, to ensure timeliness of effects DJs need to be placed in close proximity to the area in which the effects are to be used, when this is not possible a delay may occur.

Events beyond our Control

{{business_name}} cannot be held responsible for any circumstances that may prevent us from attending your event; these may include but are not limited to, severe weather conditions, traffic delays, breakdown of our vehicles, sickness, or equipment failure. In the case that we cannot attend or fulfill your hire due to events beyond our control we will contact you or the venue as soon as possible. In these instances, our liability will be limited to the refunding of all monies paid for individual service that was not fulfilled. {{business_name}} guarantees your date and will make every reasonable accommodation to fulfill this promise. This limitation on liability shall also apply in the event that any photographic or video materials are damaged in processing, lost through camera or other media malfunction, lost in the mail, or otherwise lost or damaged without fault on the part of {{business_name}}. In the event {{business_name}} fails to perform for any other reason, {{business_name}} shall not be liable for any amount in excess of all monies paid for individual service that was not fulfilled.

{{business_name}} may substitute another staff member to perform services in the event of illness or of scheduling conflicts. In the event of such substitution, {{business_name}} warrants that the staff taking the place shall be a paid professional.

{{business_name}} will make every reasonable accommodation to ensure all requested specific photos and attendees are captured by our imaging team, {{business_name}} does not guarantee specific photos.

All technology based devices in rare instances experience technical difficulties such as RF interference, electrical shortages, temperature based issues and equipment failure. By choosing to continue with a hire of the services I acknowledge that Weddings Unlimited will do everything within reason to ensure the proper workings of the hired the special effects and that Weddings Unlimited cannot be held responsible for technical difficulties that may arise.

Customer and Venue approval

{{business_name}} cannot be held responsible for any circumstances that may prevent us from performing services hired for your event; these may include but are not limited to: venue conditions, venue access, venue electrical equipment failure and / or lack of access. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to confirm all venue requirements, locations, setup and takedown restrictions and anything else that may prevent us from providing any services hired.  {{business_name}} guarantees your date and will make every reasonable accommodation to fulfill this promise, we will send out confirmation emails to the provided customer email address. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify all details, such as but not limited to: arrival times, address, dates, services to be provided, venue restrictions and contact information via email at {{business_email}}

{{business_name}} will make every attempt to plan all details needed to perform as client wishes via forms, planning applications and other written resources. {{business_name}} will not be held liable for any instructions given less than 90 days before the event and / or in writing from clients provided email to {{business_email}}, listed in provided planning applications and / or provided written forms. {{business_name}} will make every reasonable accommodation to honor instructions and changes after the 90-day mark but cannot be guaranteed. Instructions given or changed verbally or in any form other than listed prior are not guaranteed.

Right of Use

The Studio/Photographer reserves the right to use photographs and/or reproductions for advertising, display, publication, or other purposes. Negatives, digital files, and previews remain the exclusive property of this Studio/Photographer.

60 days after delivery of your video and / or photos, the original / edited footage and any associated digital media created as a result of this contract can be removed permanently from all storage devices.

Set-up of Services

It is your responsibility to ensure that the venue has agreed for us to be in attendance at their venue and at the agreed time. This also includes ensuring that there is access to enter the venue and enough space with a power socket within 2 meters of where the services are to be. If there is insufficient space for us to set up you will still be charged the full hire amount.

All equipment requires a sufficient and safe space to be set up. This requires a stable, flat and dry floor as well as protection from weather elements.

It is the client’s responsibility to inform us of any circumstances that may make setting up take longer, these may include but are not exhaustive to; going upstairs, a long distance from unloading area to set-up area, and/or restricted access. If we are not aware of these circumstances and the set-up takes longer than normal, your hire period may be intruded into.

Hire Period

The hire period will be for a set period as listed in the client portal. In addition, this will cover the 60 – 90 minute setup time and 30 – 60 minute pack down time. Use will commence at the agreed time and finish at the agreed time in the booking form unless due to technical difficulties on our behalf, when we provide the service for the set period once rectified.

Services will be provided within the 24-hour period assigned to the date of the event. Though services may include unlimited time, they are limited to the wedding event for one couple and will not include other events within the period such as but not limited to secondary and / or joint weddings, rehearsals, venue tours.

Services will be provided for the agreed upon number of hours in a continuous manner, idle / inactive time will be billed to the client at $500 per hour.

All continuously onsite staff is to be fed a well-balanced meal every 6-hour increment that they are onsite.

Weddings Unlimited is available to join out at your venue for tours, planning sessions and rehearsals at an additional charge and this is not included in your package unless specifically specified.

No Liability is accepted for:

Loss of or damage to property belonging to or traveling with the members of any group. For example, watches, jewelry, cameras, or clothing.

Personal injury or death of any participants however caused, unless by proven negligence of {{business_name}}.

Termination of Hire

{{business_name}} will not tolerate any abuse or threatening behavior to our employees. If this occurs, {{business_name}} retains the right to terminate the hire, with no refund payable for hire time that has been cut short. We are providing a service to you, our staff should be treated with the respect they deserve.

{{business_name}} also retains the right to terminate a hire if they feel that any equipment or property belonging to {{business_name}} is in danger of being damaged or has been damaged due to unsafe or unruly behavior from the client. We also reserve the right to refuse guests to participate in the activities if we feel they are too unruly.

{{business_name}} also retains the right to terminate a hire or hired service if instructed to by authorized representative of the customer, this includes but is not limited to hired wedding planner, venue coordinator, day of coordinator, or designated by customer point person.  If this occurs {{business_name}} retains the right to terminate the hire, with no refund payable.

In any instances where we feel there is a need to terminate the hire, we will attempt to speak with you or the hosting venue first, if possible, to try to resolve the matter before termination.

You will be fully responsible for any damages caused by you or any other attendees at the event to the equipment however caused, with the sole exclusion of {{business_name}} staff.

In the event of any damages caused by those present to property or equipment in use by {{business_name}}, you will be charged the full replacement cost and are liable to cost involved in termination of future events due to sourcing replacements.

{{business_name}} also retains the right to terminate a hire or hired services if {{business_name}} is not given adequate, proper, or enough instructions via supplied planning applications, forms and written inquiries. This includes the use of music planning and selection tools, timeline and style selection tools, informational questionaires, disclaimer, approval emails and documents. If this occurs {{business_name}} retains the right to terminate the hire, with no refund payable.

Any damages must be reported to a member of {{business_name}} staff immediately.