Congrats, you’re engaged! Now comes the hard part, figuring out a DJ for your budget.

How much does a wedding DJ Cost?

Wedding DJ’s honestly come in a variety of costs. Their cost will depend on a lot of factors. Are they a Houston Wedding DJ? Are they a Phoenix Wedding DJ? Or are they a Wedding DJ in NYC? All of those locations will impact the cost.  Are they a brand new DJ or an experienced DJ? Most couples will spend between $700 and $3000. The average cost for a DJ in the United states has gradually increased with the latest study putting the average at $1500. Here at Weddings Unlimited, we start at just $985, and the price actually goes down when you bundle with our other services:

What does a DJs price include?

Even for many people, the price can come as a shock! It can seem like a lot of money for very little time, but the reality is MANY hours go into ensuring a wedding is flawless. There are the hours of service that the DJ provides. Multiple hours of meetings and practice. Then there is the cost of the music. Sadly, we can’t just download it, we have to pay for it. And can’t use spotify as I’m sure you don’t want a commercial in the middle of dancing. The equipment and depreciation for the equipment. Insurance cost and operational costs. Depending on the DJ it might also lighting.

What changes a DJs price?

Many factors can change a DJ’s price and make your “cheap” dj more expensive or your expensive DJ REALLY expensive.

Most DJs offer extras like uplighting, indoor fireworks, and monograms. At Weddings Unlimited, you can see we offer much more than that here:

Depending on the extras they offer you might find it worthwhile to go with someone who offers a bundle with all the magic moments you could want.  Be sure that there is no hidden costs though.

Cheap wedding DJ

I’m sure we’ve all seen in wedding groups where someone is offering to DJ for $300-400. The truth is that’s a situation that should be buyer beware. Someone charging that little most likely has no experience, insurance, or backup equipment. If they got sick or in an accident, would someone cover them? What happens if their equipment breaks in the middle of your wedding?  Just ensure you have a company you can trust.

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