1. How long have you and / or your DJs been doing this professionally?
  2. Do you have my date available?
  3. Do you charge any fees? Travel Fees?
  4. Are you insured?
  5. What is included with your pricing? Do you have different packages?
  6. What additional services do you offer? (lighting + uplighting, photo booth, emcee,
    slideshow, a gobo light, etc.)
  7. Do you provide a written contract?
  8. Do you require a deposit? If so, how much is it?
  9. What is your cancellation policy? What fees do you charge to move dates?
  10. How many hours of service do you provide?
  11. Do you provide sound for the ceremony + reception or the reception only & will you provide your own sound equipment (speakers, microphones, etc.)? If not, what will I need? How many of each thing?
  12. Do you provide your own table or DJ booth?
  13. Do you include any dance floor lighting?
  14. Do you need WiFi to play our music?
  15. Will you be our DJ or will you be sending someone else? If it will be someone else, are we
    able to speak with them throughout the planning process?
  16. Do you help create a timeline?
  17. How do you engage guests and keep the energy up throughout the evening?
  18. What do you do if no one is on the dance floor?
  19. How do you handle guest song requests?
  20. How extensive is your music catalog? Can you play any song I want? Can you make
  21. Can we submit a “do not play” list?
  22. What information do you need from me before my wedding day? How will I submit this?
  23. What will you be wearing at our wedding? Will you color coordinate with our wedding
  24. What happens if you unexpectedly are unavailable to be at our wedding?
  25. What time will you arrive/depart on the wedding day?
  26. How much time do you need to setup + breakdown? Is this included in your pricing?
  27. Will you act as the emcee and make all announcements throughout the evening?


  1. 10 Years as a business, each of our DJs have years of training and on the job experience before being allowed to DJ a wedding alone. Our staff is all full time DJs for a living
  2. No Fees EVER!
  3. Yes 1,000,000 / 2,000,000 Policy, We will send a copy to your venue naming them as an additional insured
  4. Our services are turn-key, we provide everything you need and as many is needed for your wedding. Check out the Full Details and Pictures
  5. We consider ourselves the “pinterest” of wedding entertainment. We have tons of options, magic moments, and if you have a special request we will bend over backwards to accommodate
  6. Yes! this protects both parties.
  7. We ask for 25% but are flexible in some cases.We offer partial refunds up to 30 days before event BUT we offer free rescheduling for any reason at any time!
  8. UNLIMITED TIME for all services we offer
  9. All of it! We start before guests arrive, to have music while people are being seated, and we don’t break down equipment till after you leave.
  10. We provide everything. See full details
  11. We provide a professional DJ booth included in our costs, you can have it in white or black and even uplight it if you’d like
  12. We provide dance floor lighting included in our cost, you can also upgrade to intelligent lighting
  13. No! We have all your music files with us on our computers, external hard drive and flash drive back up. We never risk wifi being down on your one and only perfect day.
  14. We have 50+ DJs on staff, you can choose! We give you a recommendation based on your music and vibe but it’s your choice.
  15. YES! We have an awesome timeline planning and music selection app, it’s pretty awesome!
  16. We use music as our tool, but we also will help motivate the crowd with our awesome MCing and even get out and dance with yall if wanted.
  17. Sounds like it time to change up the music a bit, our DJs have years of experience doing this and our staff are all full time DJs for a living, we’ve got this!
  18. Your choice, some couples allow and some don’t but we will only play songs that are in approved genres and types you chose.
  19. We have over 2 million songs, you will get to choose any and all song you’d like PLUS we can create custom mixes just for you. We love to recommend songs, just ask us anything anytime
  20. Absolutely! We encourage it
  21. After booking we will send a questionairre, then 90 days before the wedding we will ask you to pickout options for photo booths and placements for lighting and effects
  22. Whatever you’d like, we will dress up in theme if you have one or in your colors if you’d like. Standard for us is slacks, button down shirt and a black shiny blazer. We represent you well!
  23. We always have back ups! Medical and other things happen, we have numerous DJs on call so we never miss a beat ALSO all of your music selections are easliy and quickly transferred to an on-call DJ in that emergency situation.
  24. We typically arrive 2 hours before the ceremony starts and we don’t leave until you and your photographer have left, we don’t want you to see the behind the scenes just the perfect production.
  25. 2 Hours, included, Unlimited time!
  26. Absolutely! This is the most important part of our job!!