Are you seeking a Sugar Land photographer to capture your fairy tale wedding in Texas? Discover exceptional services from our team of photographers at Weddings Unlimited, conveniently located just 23 miles away from Sugar Land in Houston.

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Ashleigh & Enrique

Ashleigh & Enrique

Capture the Magic With Photographers Near Sugar Land, TX

Your wedding day is a canvas of emotion, and capturing it requires a true artist behind the lens. Our team at Weddings Unlimited is here to tell your love story through breathtaking images that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

We’ve created this helpful map so you can explore some of our favorite destinations in Houston for engagement photos. Choose from stunning outdoor gardens, museums, and local landmarks for your Insta-worthy backdrops.

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8 engagement photos in dallas houston texas

8 engagement photos in dallas houston texas

Your Dream Wedding Album Awaits

Envision your dream wedding album filled with moments of laughter, tears, and romance, starting with an engagement photo shoot. Our finest photographers curate galleries that enable you to relive your big day through each carefully captured memory.

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13 engagement photos in dallas houston texas

13 engagement photos in dallas houston texas

Our Wedding Packages

Every event photography package is crafted to accommodate diverse preferences, guaranteeing that your celebration aligns with your distinct vision. Whether you lean towards a grand, ultimate, or epic celebration, our exclusive limited-time offers provide additional value, elevating your wedding experience to an extraordinary level.

The Grand Celebration Package

Embark on a journey of love with our Grand Celebration package, including:

  • 9 engaging portrait sessions in Dallas and Houston, Texas
  • Expert services of 1 Photographer
  • Creative storytelling through 1 Videographer
  • Musical enchantment with a Disc Jockey/Master of Ceremonies

The Ultimate Celebration Package

Experience the epitome of love in our Ultimate Celebration package, featuring:

  • 9 captivating engagement photo sessions across Dallas and Houston, Texas
  • Skillful eye of 1 Photographer
  • Cinematic storytelling with 1 Videographer
  • Musical ambiance curated by a DJ/MC
  • Premium Photo Booth to capture every special moment

The Epic Celebration Package

Unleash the magic of your love story with our Epic Celebration package, boasting:

  • The dynamic duo of 2 Photographers and 2 Videographers
  • Electrifying musical beats by a DJ/MC
  • Premium Photo Booth for timeless memories
  • Unlimited Magic Moments & Lighting Effects to elevate your celebration

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Rings of Truck

Rings of Truck

Our Additional Services

Beyond capturing perfect moments through photography and videography, Weddings Unlimited offers a spectrum of additional services to enhance and elevate your wedding experience. From videography that immortalizes the emotions of your special day to professional DJ and Master of Ceremonies services that set the perfect mood, we curate an unforgettable celebration. Our premium photo booths bring an element of fun, and the innovative Audio Guest Books transform well-wishes into a timeless audio archive. Explore the multitude of services beyond photography that make Weddings Unlimited your comprehensive wedding companion.

  • Videography: Immerse yourself in the artistry of our videography services, meticulously crafted to encapsulate the essence and emotions of your wedding day. From the exchange of heartfelt vows to exuberant moments of celebration, our adept videographers ensure that each precious moment becomes a timeless cinematic masterpiece.
  • DJ/MC: Elevate the ambiance of your wedding celebration with the expertise of our professional DJ and Master of Ceremonies services. Our skilled DJs curate a tailored playlist that not only sets the mood but keeps the dance floor pulsating with energy. The Master of Ceremonies ensures seamless transitions and actively engages your guests, turning every announcement into a memorable moment. From lively dance floors to the innovative Silent Disco experience, we cultivate a celebratory atmosphere that resonates with your distinctive style.
  • Photo Booth Rentals: Infuse a sense of joy and spontaneity into your wedding festivities with our premium photo booth services. Capture enchanting Magic Moments through our state-of-the-art photo booths, delivering instant prints for your guests to cherish as delightful mementos. For a whimsical touch, indulge in the nostalgia of our VW Bus Photo Booths, providing a charming backdrop for candid snapshots that create lasting memories.
  • Audio Guest Books: Revolutionize the conventional guest book into an interactive and heartfelt experience with our Audio Guest Books. Invite your guests to leave personalized messages, anecdotes, and heartfelt well-wishes, crafting a timeless audio archive that encapsulates the love and joy shared on your wedding day. It’s a unique and touching way to involve your loved ones in the narrative of your union, creating a cherished keepsake.

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Cold Sparks Oak Plantation

Cold Sparks Oak Plantation

Photography Offerings at Weddings Unlimited

  1. Portfolio: Explore our diverse portfolio showcasing a collection of captivating images that reflect our artistic style, creativity, and expertise. Our portfolio is a visual journey through various weddings, engagements, and special moments we’ve had the privilege to capture. It serves as a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality, personalized photography that beautifully tells each couple’s unique love story.
  2. Wedding Photography: Immerse yourself in the artistry of our wedding photography services, where we specialize in capturing the magic and essence of your special day. From the intimate moments shared between the couple to the grandeur of the ceremony, we strive to create a visual narrative that authentically reflects the emotions and beauty of your wedding. Our team of skilled photographers is dedicated to preserving every detail, ensuring your wedding memories are timeless and cherished for years to come.
  3. Engagement Photography: Celebrate the journey to matrimony with our engagement photography services. We believe that engagement sessions are an opportunity to capture the excitement, love, and anticipation leading up to your wedding day. Our photographers work closely with couples to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, allowing for genuine moments to unfold. The result is a stunning collection of images that beautifully encapsulate the unique connection between partners during this special chapter of their love story.
  4. Prints: Elevate your photography experience with our premium print services. We understand the importance of tangible memories, and our print offerings provide a way to turn your favorite images into timeless keepsakes. Whether it’s creating an elegant photo album, framed prints for your home, or personalized prints to share with loved ones, our print services add an extra layer of sentiment to your cherished moments. Choose from a range of high-quality materials and finishes to bring your photographs to life in a way that suits your style and preferences.

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Savannah & Zach | Wedding Photography and Videography Packages

Savannah & Zach

Why Choose Weddings Unlimited?

  1. Our commitment is to be by your side throughout your entire wedding day, and our dedication comes without a time limit. Unlike many photography companies that operate on hourly charges or predefined packages, we believe your wedding is a momentous celebration that shouldn’t be confined to set hours. From the initial preparations to your grand exit, we’ll be there capturing the moments that matter.
  2. Your wedding, your choices. You have the freedom to select the vibe, shots, and editing style that resonate with you. Our team can capture the photo shooting style you desire, and our in-house editing team will meticulously color grade and frame your photos according to your chosen style. Whether you prefer a light and airy ceremony with a true-to-eye reception or an entirely personalized, dark and moody album, the choice is entirely yours.
  3. Regardless of the weather or unforeseen circumstances, we guarantee our presence at your wedding. While some companies may face challenges if our limited team encounters issues like illness or unforeseen delays, we have a roster of multiple full-time staff members ready to step in as backups. Rain or shine, we are committed to being there for your special day, no matter what challenges may arise.

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GlamBooth MRMrs

GlamBooth MRMrs

Testimonials that Speak Volumes

Nothing speaks more clearly than the testimonials from couples who’ve experienced the magic first-hand. Read through love letters from newlyweds praising our photographers for immortalizing their day.

Reviewed on 1/17/2024 by Emmy H.

I had Weddings Unlimited do photography, videography, DJ, and photo booth at my wedding this past December. It was SO much easier having one company for all these services, and everything went beautifully! Our DJ Hector was amazing, and the whole photo/video team was super fun to work with. Our sneak peeks are AMAZING, we are so excited to see our full gallery! And all of our guests loved the Photo Booth!

Reviewed on 12/18/2023 by Alexandria B.

My husband and I are so thankful for Weddings Unlimited!! They did our photography (we had two) and Dj. The communication was great and they made sure we stayed on schedule leading up to the wedding. The prices we amazing as well, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!!!!

Reviewed on 11/06/2023 by Leslie E.

Daniel was a very fun and professional DJ. He had a lot of energy and kept the party going. He even got out there and danced with us. There were a few songs that we requested that he did not play which was a bummer. But overall he was very good and I would recommend using Weddings Unlimited for your DJ service.

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glam photo booth weddings unlimited

glam photo booth weddings unlimited

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors should I consider when selecting a wedding photographer?

Selecting the right wedding photographer is a crucial decision that can significantly impact the way your special day is captured and remembered. Here are key factors to consider when making this important choice:

  1. Style Compatibility: Ensure that the photographer’s style aligns with your vision. Whether it’s traditional, contemporary, documentary, or artistic, choose a photographer whose portfolio reflects the aesthetic you desire for your wedding pics.
  2. Experience and Expertise: Look for a photographer with a proven track record in wedding photography. An experienced professional will have the skills to handle various lighting conditions, navigate different settings, and capture the essence of your day seamlessly.
  3. Portfolio and Samples: Review the photographer’s portfolio and ask for samples of complete wedding albums. This gives you a comprehensive view of their work and consistency in delivering high-quality images throughout an entire event.
  4. Reviews and Testimonials: Read reviews from previous clients to gain insights into the photographer’s reliability, professionalism, and ability to work under pressure. Personal testimonials provide valuable information about the client experience.
  5. Personality and Chemistry: Establishing a connection with your photographer is essential. They will be a constant presence during intimate moments, so it’s crucial to feel comfortable and at ease with them. Meet in person or via video call to assess the chemistry and ensure a positive working relationship.
  6. Equipment and Backup Plans: Inquire about the type of equipment the photographer uses and whether they have backup gear. This ensures that technical issues won’t jeopardize capturing crucial moments. Additionally, discuss contingency plans for unexpected circumstances.
  7. Coverage and Packages: Understand the photographer’s coverage offerings and packages. Clarify how many hours are included, whether there’s an assistant, and if additional services such as engagement sessions or albums are available. Ensure there are no hidden costs.
  8. Delivery Timeline: Discuss the expected delivery timeline for your wedding photos. Knowing when to anticipate your images allows for proper planning, especially if you intend to use them for thank-you cards or other post-wedding purposes.
  9. Contract and Legalities: Carefully review the contract, including details about the services provided, payment schedules, cancellation policies, and copyright information. A transparent and comprehensive contract protects both parties.
  10. Availability: Confirm the photographer’s availability on your wedding date and discuss any potential scheduling conflicts. It’s essential to secure their commitment to your event.
Deserie & Julian

Deserie & Julian

How early should I book my wedding photographer?

Book your wedding photographer at least 6-12 months in advance, especially if you have your heart set on us.

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Courtney & Patrick

Courtney & Patrick

How much should I budget for a professional wedding photographer?

Budgeting for a professional wedding photographer is a crucial aspect of planning your special day, ensuring that you secure the expertise and talent necessary to capture and preserve the cherished moments of your celebration. This number depends on the number of locations you choose to shoot at, the amount of time you want the photographer/videographer on-site, and sometimes the amount of images you want in the final edit. Chat with us to learn more about our pricing.

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Courtney & Patrick

Courtney & Patrick

What are some nearby places in Texas?

  • Pearland
  • Brenham
  • Richmond
  • Austin
Courtney & Patrick

Courtney & Patrick

What is the weather like seasonally in Houston?


Temperature (F)














Cheyanne & Pedro

Cheyanne & Pedro

What photography styles can I expect from Weddings Unlimited professionals?

  • Embracing creativity and unique perspectives.
    • Focused on creating visually captivating and imaginative images.
    • Incorporates unconventional techniques to evoke emotion and intrigue.
  • Timeless and elegant photography style.
    • Emphasis on traditional compositions and poses.
    • Strives to create images that stand the test of time, capturing the essence of enduring beauty.
  • Photojournalism
    • Candid and unobtrusive storytelling.
    • Captures moments as they naturally unfold, without intervention.
  • Intense and impactful visual storytelling.
    • Utilizes lighting, shadows, and composition to create a heightened sense of emotion.
    • Often employs bold contrasts and vivid colors to make a strong visual statement.
    • Focuses on capturing genuine moments and interactions.
    • Showcases the subjects in a natural environment, reflecting their everyday lives.
    • Aims to tell a story about the individuals being photographed.
  • Contemporary and cutting-edge approach to photography.
    • Incorporates innovative techniques and styles.
    • Often characterized by a clean, crisp aesthetic and a focus on current trends.
  • Nostalgic and timeless photography style.
    • Utilizes filters, tones, and editing techniques to evoke a sense of the past.
    • Embraces the charm and character of retro or antique aesthetics.

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12 paniolo ranch wedding photos

12 paniolo ranch wedding photos

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Are you ready to capture your special moments with the expertise of Houston’s top wedding photographers? For inquiries, bookings, or to discuss your unique vision, feel free to get in touch with Weddings Unlimited. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional photography, videography, DJ/MC, and other services to make your wedding day truly unforgettable.

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Let Weddings Unlimited turn your wedding dreams, into a beautifully documented reality. Reach out to us today and let’s begin the journey to create lasting memories of your special day!

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