Preferred Venues

Wedding venues know all the vendors, when they succeed and when they stumble, they see the inside view. When a venue recommends a vendor It’s a recognition of the trust they have in our reputation, professionalism, value, and high level of service.

Flying Pig Alone
Ashley and Jared

Bluebird Haven Estates

601 E Collard St, Madisonville, TX 77864

 The venue was built with an artistic flair and the intent to bring romance to the soul. It was born out of desire to create a place people could gather and explore the goodness of God's beauty as a man and woman celebrate their love in marriage.  The bluebird as a sign from heaven; a kiss from God.

God gave me a vision of a white metal building in 2003. I was impressed with the idea it would be a "church of new kind", however I did not have a grid for what that could possibly mean. Twenty years later it is a wedding venue and a faith based retreat center. It is truly a church of new kind - not what I thought church was in 2003, However I have come to know church is where the body of Christ is; not where a building sets.

May each person feel the blessings of love, joy and peace while at Bluebird Haven Estates.