There are so many unique ways to add an extra-special flair to this important moment and most importantly make for some serious photo ops. These are the moments that you will have and hold for the rest of your lives, you will probably forget the food and maybe even who came and with which date but the pictures of you and your soulmate dancing for the first time as husband and wife is a memory and a keepsake you’ll never forget.

Ready for something different?

How about fresh flower petals falling all around you two as you dance? Your wedding DJ and MC service can work with your florist to get flower petals of your choosing to make this statement that your photographer and videographer will appreciate when making your memory albums and videos. This beautiful effect can be completely customized by your Wedding DJ along with Florist. The petals are delivered through a “continuous blower” and not a blast, this ensures safety and beauty as the flower petals will fall throughout the song and not just for a short moment. Wedding venues appreciate that the cleanup is easy because the flowers are naturally able to be swept outdoors. This effect can be great at any Texas Wedding inside or out.

Party atmosphere?

The best Wedding DJs in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Fort Worth & Dallas can do a confetti fall for your first dance. These blown confetti falls are available in almost any color and shimmer as well! Prefer falling streamers? No problem! Make great pictures and videos with confetti falls!

No matter what you choose

Remember, the first dance is not only the first dance but it is the ONLY first dance you will have, It will be the go to picture as one of the top moments of your introduction to the world as husband and wife. Make it the most memorable moments with these awesome effects!