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What’s Included


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What’s Included

No fine print. No extra costs.No taxes.

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Pick Your Music & Vibe

Our music planning app makes it easy to pick your music, and our team is here to make suggestions. We’ll get to know you and the type of vibe you want on your big day.

Get Paired with the Perfect DJ

Once we get to know you and learn your vibe and style, we pair you with a DJ that will create the best experience on your wedding day.

We Quarterback Your Wedding

We are ready to bring it. Our DJ will enhance the atmosphere and provide a professional experience while your guests dance their feet off.

Vibo Music Planning App Weddings Unlimited

Plan your music timeline with our state-of-the-art

mobile app

Our clients can enjoy their music planning with our mobile app. Add your favorite music, manage the day-of schedule, share with wedding guests and loved ones, and plan your production details within our app. Hear a song on Spotify? Add it to your playlist in seconds!

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How We Make Pigs Fly

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Why is this so important? What does unlimited mean?

Most DJ companies charge by the hour or have a package with a set amount of hours, and you have to pay for extra time. The way we see it, your wedding is not an hourly event, it’s your most significant celebration. We will be there all day creating the soundtrack and keeping your guests excited. We are with you for UNLIMITED continuous time, ceremony, cocktail hour and reception!

We typically take a 25% down payment. You can pay in any increments up to 30 days before your wedding date. We do our best to make it easy and flexible for you, because we know you have a lot going on.

You’ll get to choose your music, announcements, special events, and more. We then learn your vibe and help you pair with the perfect DJ & MC.

Step 1

In our timeline planning and music selection app, you’ll choose which songs you’d like and where you want them. From walking down the aisle all the way to your secret last dance, you can choose as much or as little music as you’d like.

Step 2

Our planning team will consult with you to learn about the vibe you want your DJ to create. How much microphone interaction do you want? How much dancing and party hyping? How much crowd involvement, requests or none?

Step 3

Once we’ve learned your vibe, we pair you with a DJ that portrays your vibe how you envisioned it; your DJ will be someone that likes the same music you selected and that fits the vibe you want for your celebration. You’re always welcome to talk to your DJ, Zoom, or meet them.

Why is this important?

If you work with a company that has only one or two DJs, what happens if they get sick or get stuck in traffic behind a car accident? We have multiple full-time staff available as backups in case the worst happens. We’re going to be there, no matter what.

All of our DJs carry a backup for almost every piece of equipment.

We have a robust on-call system, if, for any reason, your DJ cannot attend, we will send a similar style DJ, and they will be prepared with your timeline and music selection you created as well as a copy of your selected music. We’re ready for anything!

Fun Add-Ons to Enhance Your



Starting at $600: LED & Solid Color – Sizes up to 25×25

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Special Lighting


$395 Per Option: Uplighting, Lasers, and More

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Classic Audio Guestbook



$295 Per Option

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$395 Per Option: Cold Sparks, C02 Cannons, Dancing on a Cloud, and more

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