Your Engagement Video

While the wedding film will capture your special day; from getting ready to first looks, to the ceremony, reception, first dance, and the party; your engagement session will be more focused on the two of you in your natural surroundings doing activities you love doing as a couple.

Your engagement video will be similar to your photos as it is documentation of this special pre-wedding day. Still, it will be different than your photos as the video captures what you look like together and the sounds, movements, ambiance, and all the feelings from the day.

Why get an engagement video?

1. The video can be used to announce your engagement.

2. You can show the video at your wedding reception.

3. Doing a video before the wedding may get even better film shots to document your wedding and love story.

You can have an hour-and-a-half session with our professional videographers for $395

Receive your completely customized save-the-date video within 30 days.