Silent Disco FULL VENUE
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Disco: $500

• Includes 20 headphones
• Premium audio wireless headphones
• LED Drivers on each headphone
• 1 transmitter for audio from DJ
• Attendant to pass out and pick up headphones
• $200 for each additional 10 headphones
• $100 for each additional transmitter
• Unlimited time during the wedding reception
• You choose music genre and details

Add Ons:

• $445 per additional DJ
• Additional transmitter for DJ separate channel broadcast

Silent Disco Wedding

Silent Disco is a unique event experience where all guests wear specially designed wireless glowing headphones. Each guest has the option of which audio stream to tune into. No more worrying about “quiet hour” at the venue or if you can make sure that you have the right music for all generations of family and guest. This is the answer.

Imagine going to a party, everyone is dancing in the same room but to up to 3 different types of music. Every guest is wearing a specially designed wireless glowing headphone and can listen to three different DJs battling for the people’s attention.

This is a highly social experience that keeps the diverse crowd happy. When we have 3 live DJs battling for the attention of the party-goers and the guests can switch between three genres of music, it creates a dance floor experience that will look great in pictures and videos and create memories for a lifetime.

No fine print. No extra costs.No taxes.