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An Audio Guest Book lets you capture authentic and unfiltered voicemail messages at your wedding to cherish forever. Like wedding photos and fine wine, these audio messages will get better with time. Only $395.

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Vintage Aesthetic Lasting Memories

Have you ever seen a video guest book at a wedding or event? They’re pretty cool, no doubt. But typically, guests struggle with being authentic when they are in front of lights, a camera, and an attendant. Our audio guest book eliminates the awkwardness and leaves more room for candid (and sometimes slightly tipsy) messages from your loved ones.

Audio Guest Book is Available in Houston • Dallas • Austin • San Antonio • Phoenix

What makes our Audio Guest Book so special? For starters, it’s unfiltered. No need to worry about awkward poses or stiff smiles – your guests can let loose and be their authentic selves. Plus, with no camera to worry about, your guests can indulge in that extra glass of champagne without fear of embarrassing themselves on video.

But the real magic of our Audio Guest Book is in the memories it captures. Imagine listening to your grandma’s voice, cracking with emotion as she wishes you a lifetime of happiness. Or your best friend’s hilarious recounting of that time you got lost on a road trip ;). These are the moments you’ll want to relive over and over again – and with our Audio Guest Book, you can.

So why settle for a boring old guest book when you can have an Audio Guest Book? At just $395, it’s a small price for memories that will last a lifetime. Order now and get ready to capture the magic of your special day.

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