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Flying Pig Alone

Let’s tell a beautiful, raw, authentic story. Let’s tell your story.

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Images Package

Houston • Dallas • Austin • San Antonio • Phoenix

• Professional Photographer
Unlimited hours of continuous coverage
• 500 – 700 edited high-resolution images
• Online gallery with processed photos for viewing, sharing, and printing
• Sneak peek top 10 of your photos
• Custom-designed photographers timeline
• Up to 2 shooting locations (within 25 miles of each other)

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No fine print. No extra costs.No taxes.

Flying Pig Alone


We Learn All About Your Day

*Shot List
*Important People

A missed shot can’t
be fixed in the
editing room! Our
first priority is to pair
you with a shooter
that can match your
pace and
speed needs and
captures the most
moments to YOU.


Dark & Moody or Light
& Airy… or In

*Coloration Styles
*Framing Styles
*Depth of Field

It’s like going to an eye
exam, only its really fun!
You’ll look through
photos and choose
pictures you like, we have
each picture coded with
info such as which editing
preset we used, which
lens, camera settings


Choose Your


Once all of your
selections and event
information is
complete, we
recommend our top
photographer to fit
your needs and
style, the pace and
speed of your day,
your posing styles
and the personality
type it’ll take to keep
up with yall too. You
can meet, see
portfolios and then
you have full
creative control over who you choose!

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Choose your editing & shooting styles with our state-of-the-art

Style Selectuon App

Want a light & airy look, dark & moody or something in-between? Feel like your posing styles are really hip and trendy with only a few classic poses wanted, or the exact opposite? We work with you in our style selection app to learn how you’d like your editing, go over inspo photos and learn your posing styles and even do shot listing and timeline planning with you. When we recommend a photographer to you we also recommend an editor so that we have a shooter than understanding your posing vibe and that can keep up with your day, as well as an editor that can make the framing and coloration exactly the style you love.

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Why is this so important? What does unlimited mean?

Most photography companies charge by the hour or have a package with a set amount of hours, and you have to pay for extra time. The way we see it, your wedding is not an hourly event, it’s your most significant celebration. We will be there to capture moments all day, from getting ready to your grand send-off. We offer you unlimited continuous hours.

We typically take a 25% down payment. You can pay in any increments up to 30 days before your wedding date. We do our best to make it easy and flexible for you, because we know you have a lot going on.

We have multiple shooters on as full-time staff. Many of our staff have been with us for years, and they are employees, not contractors.

Choosing Your Photographer

Our team works with you to create a detailed timeline and shot list to ensure we know when and where every moment you want to be captured will occur. Then our team pairs you with portfolios of photographers and editors that fit your specific needs and style. You get to pick your photographer.

Your Final Photos

We can achieve the style of photo shooting you’d like and our in-house editing team will color grade and frame your photos in the style you’ve chosen. If you want a light and airy ceremony and a true-to-eye reception OR a dark and moody full album we edit personalized to your style, it’s completely bespoke.

Your wedding day is one of the most important moments of your life, and capturing those memories in stunning photographs is essential. That’s where our team of wedding photographers comes in – we’re here to help you create a beautiful, timeless record of your special day.

Our photographers are not just experts in capturing stunning images, but they also understand the importance of creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for you and your guests. We know that every wedding is unique, and we take the time to get to know you and your vision for your day, so that we can deliver photographs that perfectly capture the essence of your love story.

From the first moments of getting ready to the final dance of the evening, we’ll be there to capture every moment, every laugh, and every tear. We have an eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, and we use our skills to create images that are both beautiful and meaningful.

But don’t just take our word for it – our work speaks for itself. We’ve had the privilege of photographing countless weddings, and our portfolio is filled with stunning images that showcase our expertise in capturing the magic of the moment.

At the end of the day, we’re not just photographers – we’re storytellers, and we’re here to help you tell your unique love story through breathtaking photographs. So if you’re looking for a team of wedding photographers who are passionate, talented, and dedicated to capturing your special day in all its glory, look no further than us.

Why is this important?

If you work with a company that has only one or two photographers, what happens if they get sick or get stuck in traffic behind a car accident? We have multiple full-time staff available as backups in case the worst happens. We’re going to be there, no matter what.

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